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April 21st, 2008, 12:40 pm

Keeping up!

All right! We're doing really good keeping up with updates! We have two more ready to go up, which should get me through my finals. We also have plenty of scripts ready for this summer. (Lol. May counts as summer for me now.)

I'd also like to plug Sean & Mimi's Awkward Adventures. It's an adorable little comic and their forum is made of awesome. The Awkward Forum is where I've been wasting my time the past few days. It's good times. Sean is hilarious and Mimi's a sweetheart.

Speaking of fourms... That RP Fourm is a little dead. Go make it not dead anymore. =/ I'm thinking of putting all of the the posts there into a "Dead Threads" forum and just starting everything over. It needs to be reorganized anyway.

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