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This is all of the crap I could come up with that you might ask about TRPC. If you have any other questions, feel free to e-mail them to us!

Q1. Sono makes all the artistic decisions right? Why does everyone have animal parts? Is Sono a furry?
A1. Yes. Sono's a furry. Sono likes drawing fuzzy animals.

  Q2. What the hell is that thing on Suri's tail?
A2. It's a light, similar to that of an angler fish. Suri is an "angler fox".
  Q3. Is Suri a...
A3. No. He's not an furry as well. Sono just like drawing animal people okay? Can we please drop this subject?
  Q4. Personal questions aside.. (Finally.) ...Where did you get the idea for this comic?
A4. Sono and Suri are both avid role players ("RP Whores"), and gamers. Sono is also a cartooning major, and Suri is a writer. It's only natural that one thing would eventually lead to another and a comic like this would result.
  Q5. Will you ever go further into that "Vampire: The Parody" story from the first comic?
A5. DEAR MERCIFUL GOD NO! If anything there may be one or two flashbacks, but for the most part it is an inside joke between everyone who was involved in that game, and we share the mental scars as proof. Actually, it'll probably just pop up from time to time as a running gag. but no, the group will never actually play a Vampire RP.
  Q6. Do you guys attend conventions?
A6. We hit up Otakon and New York Anime Festival just about every year, and we're looking towards an Artist's Alley table this year, so look for us if you happen to be there! We're also hoping to eventually make it out to ComicCon, but seeing as we live on the complete opposite side of the country, this is a slightly less than easy task. We'll probably post convention information in the news posts on the main page.

Q7. If I see you guys on the street can I say hi?
A7. Sure! We're both ridiculously friendly, and Sono will more likely than not completely loose her shit and glomp you if you tell her you're a reader.

  Q8. What do you use to make the comic?
A8. Aside from our complete insanity? Any sort of paper avalible, a mechanical pencil, some form of inking pen (penstix or micron preferably), and Photoshop CS.
  Q9. How often do you update?
A9. Seeing as both of us have school, it will probably be once a week. Maybe less. It will really be whenever the inspiration strikes us for the time being. Updates will probably increase during the summer, when the two of us have nothing but free time.

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