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The Characters
A mostly quiet guy who likes to play swordsmen. Alot of his free time is spent playing video games, prefferably first person shooters. He's gotno experience in either American or Japense comics or animation other than common knowledge. Sono keeps trying to get him into anime, but her only sucess has been with Fullmetal Alchemist. He does not write or draw, and usually just varies one character for different storylines.
Friendly and funny, never taking anything too seriously. Writes and draws, making up multitudes of interesting characters, but doesn't accell at the actual writing or drawing and is unsure of what he wants to do. He really doesn't care about this, though. Not well versed in anime, having pretty much just watched a bit of Inuyasha and Gundam. Bigger fan of american media, especially comics.
Suri's eccentric girlfriend, and possibly Steven's only rival for sheer amount of characters. She is a writer and an artist, and loves to draw the group's characters together. She is well versed in anime, and not at all in american media. She's also having a concant conflict with her gamer side. While she's not well versed in video games, she has quite the gamer spirit. She prefers RPG/Adventure games.

Sono's boyfriend, and possibly the youngest member of the group. He creates many detailed characters, and while he doesn't often draw them, he frequently writes their stories. He's well versed in anime and american media, as well as video games. He's helping Sono coem to terms with her "un-gamer" status.

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